Bonnie Bacon


I have ten sisters and brothers. I was raised by mother. People say I have her personality, which is one of the biggest compliments anybody could give me.


I have one real son who is married to a wonderful girl named Susie.


I have two pretend kids, by the name of Daniel and Danielle. I’ve had the pretend Daniel since my son graduated from high school in 1990.

Danielle I got from my wonderful family, when I was taking care of my mother.

Yes there are times I do some really crazy things. I just cant help it!!!

The one thing I said was that I don’t want to grow up, and that has been one of my greatest goals in life. The other was raising my wonderful son. So far I have succeeded in both..
Sound like a crazy household?  You are right!

The Life & Times Of A Bartender Part 9

I am trying to decide what to write about next. My customers are so interesting that its hard to decide who I want to write about.

How about the story of perfect people. I have a few  couples that I could think of right now that are as close to perfect as customers can be. In their eyes I can do no wrong.  I really have them fooled?! Continue reading

The Life & Times Of A Bartender Part 8

I know I am falling behind on these chapters but you have to understand. I do this for fun not because I have to so I can take my time.

image002Now we all know that being a bartender will never make you rich. It might not make you rich in money, rich in friends, rich in laughter, well it certainly can make you rich in that because I have to admit that in all the years I bartended the memories, friends and laughter has definitely made my life fuller. Continue reading