Bonnie Bacon

Bonnie_bar_toonI have ten sisters and brothers. I was raised by mother. People say I have her personality, which is one of the biggest compliments anybody could give me.

jer_susieI have one real son who is married to a wonderful girl named  Susie.


daniel_danielleI have two pretend kids, by the name of Daniel and Danielle. I’ve had the pretend Daniel since my son graduated from high school in 1990.

Danielle I got from my wonderful family, when I was taking care of my mother.

Yes there are times I do some really crazy things. I just cant help it!!!

The one thing I said was that I don’t want to grow up, and that has been one of my greatest goals in life. The other was raising my wonderful son. So far I have succeeded in both..
Sound like a crazy household?  You are right!

The Life & Times Of A Bartender Part 8

I know I am falling behind on these chapters but you have to understand. I do this for fun not because I have to so I can take my time.

image002Now we all know that being a bartender will never make you rich. It might not make you rich in money, rich in friends, rich in laughter, well it certainly can make you rich in that because I have to admit that in all the years I bartended the memories, friends and laughter has definitely made my life fuller. Continue reading

The Life & Times Of A Bartender Part 7

Being a bartender I cant always pay attention to my customers like I would really like to. I try to listen to all of them but of course that’s impossible. I only hear bits and pieces of what they say. Do you know how that is? Well one night I wrote down what a group of the guys said. Not everything mind you just a few of the bits and pieces that I heard. I thought it would make for an interesting story, so I am making this chapter 7 so you can see what I mean. Continue reading

The Life & Times Of A Bartender Part6

I thought it was about time I sent chapter 6. Trying to think who I should put in this chapter is hard because I have so many funny customers.

15Lets start out this chapter with WONDERWOMAN. My bosses daughter works days and her and her husband stay after work sometimes.  If she drinks Ketel One vodka it turns her into WONDERWOMAN. He drinks Lite beer and turns into ANYTHING GOES CHRIS ! Continue reading

The Life & Times Of A Bartender Part 5

angellove For part 5 of this site, I would like to continue about more of my customers, and coworkers.

I work for a lady, that tries to be an angel to all of us. She has more strength than I have ever seen in a person, and sometimes more patience than a person should have. She could be funny, ornery, and caring all in one stand. My favorite time with her was when I was being my regular sweet self  !? I was aggravating her for quite a while. I know hard to believe that I would aggravate anybody haha. Anyhow my boss turned around and in front of the whole bar said, you know you are a tolerance tester”! She was so serious that we all started laughing so hard. But I know she didn’t mean it, or did she?  Believe me I deserved it. Her best thing to say to me is something I learned to live by in the last couple of years, “How important is it”.  That saying has helped me get through a lot of things that would have made me miserable if I didn’t think “how important is it”. Continue reading