Official Retirement


I was raised by mother. 

People say I have her personality, which is one of the biggest compliments anybody could give me.


I have one real son who is married to a wonderful girl named  Susie.

I have two Grand Daughters Jessica & Abby

I have two pretend kids, by the name of Daniel and Danielle.  I’ve had the pretend Daniel since my son graduated from high school in 1990.  Danielle I got from my wonderful family, when I was taking care of my mother.

I have ten sisters and brothers. 

Yes there are times I do some really crazy things. I just cant help it!!!

The one thing I said was that I don’t want to grow up, and that has been one of my greatest goals in life.

The other was raising my wonderful son. So far I have succeeded in both..
Sound like a crazy household?  You are right!

Wicked Wicked Wicked

Life of a Bartender