Health Update

Since I have a lot of time on my hand I decided to tell about my situation now.

use2use1What a trip. My son and daughter-in-law took me on a vacation to the Niagara Falls. I had such a wonderful time except for one thing. On the third day I got sick, and it wasn’t sick of my son and daughter-in-law. Couldn’t breathe real good. We came home and after a couple of days of work I knew something was terribly wrong.

use4use3 I went to my doctor where they sent me to all kinds of specialist, after putting me on a nebulizer. The lung specialist did a cat scan where he informed me that my lymph nodes were swollen, and there was a 90% chance of it being cancer. After having a pet scan the doctor informed me it was 99% that it was cancer. I had to wait almost 2 weeks to have surgery. The biopsy they took was on the lymph nodes. They decide not to do the lung because the lymph node came out benign.

So now in 3 months from my surgery I have to have a cat scan and if the spot in my lung changed in any way then I will have to have the biopsy. I definitely need your prayers.

use8use9So now we have another problem. 15 years ago I had surgery on a hiatal hernia. They put in what they called an angel chik. After doing some research on this prosthesis I found out that it was taken off the market a year after they put it in me. Plus, now this is good, 85 % of the people that had this put in has had it removed. Hmmm now what predicament am I in?! My doctor never heard of it but after checking out the sites I gave him decided that it needs to be removed immediately. Now the problem we have now is the surgeons here know nothing about the angel chik. We cant find a doctor that will do it. Wonderful right. So now we are still searching and also waiting for a call from IU Medical . More waiting games.

So I haven’t worked for almost 4 months but I will say my customers are wonderful. They have proved they haven’t forgotten me by the many cards and emails I got. I tell them all I will be back! You know I think I will!.