Red Carpet is sold!

Thank you for 32 years!

I have been on this job for 32 years! I’ve worked for Sheila Raye all those years!  I have always tried my best! People think that bartending is easy. I have news for you it isn’t.  I just happen to be one of the lucky ones!  I would get depressed over something somebody said, or for not having a lot of business or just because I wasn’t feeling good. The thing that kept me there is that wonderful woman and her family! Her famous words were “ just how important is it?” Most of the time those words kept me going!

I worked side by side with her daughter Joyce for 32 years. Now let me tell you we had our ups and downs! Why wouldn’t we? We were together a whole lot in all those years. I looked at her like I looked at my sisters. We had a lot of fun in our  days and believe me I aggravated her a lot of times ! There were days I felt like I didnt like her just like my sister, days I get mad at them and don’t like them, and I am sure she felt the same way but I always loved her and of course we always got over our dislikes! Her famous words for all those years were “ it will be fine”. It always was!

Billie Susie is another of Sheilas daughters! Her famous words were suck it up! Lol if you know Susie you know it would be. She could straighten my butt up fast and was one person I didn’t mind telling me if I was wrong!

Of course we have David who always threatened to tell his mom on me and always laughed afterwards! I would tease him about being mommys little angel and he would take my teasing like a good sport

Then you have Steph! Sheilas youngest daughter.  Thinking about her brings tears to my eyes because I know things will never be the same. I was like her second mom! One of the hardest workers I ever met and one of the most understanding woman I ever met! She took on the world and tried to make everybody feel loved and needed. I know I wouldn’t be on that job for so long if it wasn’t for her.  When I was ready to give up she talked me up! She made me feel appreciated for every little thing I did for her or the bar!  She was understanding in whatever mood I was in and she was like that with everybody that worked for Sheila!  For a girl so young she was Mother Teresa, as her sister called her. To everybody!

I just want to thank this family for 32 years of support and love! Our closeness will be missed but now its time to move on to a new adventure! My love and thankfulness will always be there Sheila, Joyce, Susie,David and Steph! Just remember who loves you Me and Jesus!