The Life & Times Of A Bartender Part 10 – My Kids

I decided that I better add a few chapters to my web site! Its been a long time.

The next few chapters will be about my kids that come into the bar! They are so important to me that I even made shirts for them. I call them Bonnie's kids and every one of them are special. All these kids will fill coolers or take garbage out or just make sure I don’t leave the bar alone.

Remember I’m not mentioning names so we can protect the innocent but I bet everybody will know who they are.

Where to start heck I don’t know. There’s so many of them.

I have one couple that comes in and has their own crazy personalities. You would think he was my kid. He gets others to act just like him. Even his wife. Oh yes their initials is KW and EW. I have to keep the real names secret.

One night he was in with a few others and had everybody singing I will walk 500 miles.. As loud as he could. I had that stupid song in my head for days. His crazy wife (of course she is crazy she’s is married to him) sings along with him.  She’s kind of different cuz she eats sloppy Joes with Ruffle potato chip and no bread. Also I learned not to tell her if I want something because she don’t forget. One Christmas she had everybody putting in for a body pillow for me. It was wonderful!

I went to their wedding, which anybody that knows me knows I don’t stay long anywhere but I enjoyed myself so much I stayed the whole wedding.

Love these kids!