The Life & Times Of A Bartender

j0091457I wanted to share my experiences as a bartender with everybody, but didn’t know where to start, so I decided that I would just sit her and just start typing, if it comes out like I want it to then that’s good, if it doesn’t oh well?!

I had my first bartending job when I turned 21. I’m 49 now. Does that tell you how many stories I have to tell.

j0160620First, I want to tell you about myself. I love to aggravate, not to the point of hurting somebody’s feelings, only enough to get to whoever I am trying to aggravate. I once offered one of my customers a vasectomy if he didn’t quit aggravating me. He did quit after that statement from me, but he left these letters all over the napkins, P.B.F.H. His wife called me later that evening and told me what they stood for. PSYCHO BITCH FROM HELL!! After that I had pins made up and a bunch of us girls had our own little circle, psycho bitches from hell. I held that name for a long time, but as I got older I got more mature. Now I am just The Bitch.

fd00811_At my job they have everybody’s name over the bar. Under my name is all the Bitch signs people have bought me. It keeps growing, so I would say I must be good at my job, or is it I’m good at being a Bitch. Whichever it is I know I have gained a lot of friends, at being both, a Bitch and a Bartender. I have done a lot of crazy things as a bartender, and seen a lot of things. The stories that I will put together will not have anybody’s name on it, but they are true stories, and experiences. I write about everybody I meet, or had experiences with so if the story is familiar it may be YOU!!

This is the first part of my experiences, the second part is coming real soon.