Vacation 2007

DSC09221So where do I start? Ok, let’s start In Pennsylvania. We decided to stop for something to eat.  We see a road sign that says different restaurants. We get off on that exit.  When we drive up to the restaurant, we see people there so we all get ready to go in.  When we get to the door we found out it was closed, and of course there were no signs that says that any of the restaurants were closed.

 100_0366We ended up leaving there and looking for another restaurant in that area.  Well  we saw one that said salad bar so we climbed out of the car again and got to the door before we found out it too was closed. We finally found a Quiznos so we ate there.

100_0367We get to Canada and find that we couldn’t get into Canada because the kids didn’t have a visa into Canada. They had visas for everyplace else but not Canada.  We could have gone to the Counselor or whatever he was called in Canada but if we got into Canada we wouldn’t have been able to come back to the US without the file 9 or whatever paper that the coordinator here in Indiana had. So we called the hotel in Canada and were told that we still had to pay for the night so there was 200 and something down the drain!

100_0372We went looking for a hotel on the U.S. side in New York, but was having a horrible time finding one. When we finally found one close to the Falls we found out that Jerry’s bank had closed all transactions because they were moving. I had extra cash on me and my debit card so I was able to pay for the room but that little transaction just about put Jerry over the edge.

The room was really nice. 2 Queen sized beds and a full size sofa sleeper. 2 TVs, and I can tell you that only one remote for both TV’s. Well Jers back was doing him in so Susie and I took the kids to find something to eat so Jer could sit in the Jacuzzi.  We spent about 2 hours trying to find a restaurant open. Seems like everything in New York closed at 4.  We finally got a KFC and oh my the lady behind the counter made Madame Medusa look good!

We got our food and went back to the room just to find Jerry out of the tub and let the water out and lo and behold the floor was flooded because of a leak in the tub.  We decide to eat and then Jerry went down to tell these people what happened. Now at first they said they only had one room left, but after an hour or so they got us a new room right under the one we had.  At 9 in the evening we were packing our stuff and moving into a new room, right under the room we had.  The only thing I could do is pray that the room upstairs didn’t leak into the ceiling of our room. It didn’t, but of course that didn’t keep me from worrying.

We decided to relax and go check out the pool and hot tub in the hotel. When we saw the pool our mouths dropped. The pool was small and the worse thing is the hot tub’s jet was out so no hot tub for us.

We went back into our room and turned on TV and the reception was horrible.

I gave up and went to bed while Jer and Susie and the kids watched a movie on Jerry’s DVD player.

I woke up in the morning and Susie informed me that the light in the bathroom didn’t work so she took the globe off and it started working. Made me feel safer cuz all I could think about is there was a short in the light and we might all burn to death?!

The next morning we all go down to breakfast which I thought was a complimentary breakfast but found out it was $7.50 for each person. Yea right I am gonna pay $7.50 for the whole piece of toast I am going to eat?!

We went to the Falls so we can show the kids the Falls and of course again our good luck hit.  It was so foggy we couldn’t see the Falls!

We decided to take the kids to the Fun Centers in town. The first one was only for kids under 10.  The second had a laser and such but it was closed for repairs. The hotel fun center was closed except for Saturday and Sunday. And even though it wasn’t something I wanted to do, the haunted house across the street was closed.

We went to the Hard Rock Café, which was a big thrill for Jom. He loves music so he took a lot of pictures of the different rockers and their guitars. Well we ordered our food but My gosh there was another waitress that would even make mommy dearest seem like an Angel!  She had a horrible attitude, and even though Susie never says anything to anybody, it got to her and she asked for a little service without attitude! I was shocked that she said anything but was glad it was her and not me cuz everybody knows my mouth! I wouldn’t have asked for and attitude change I would have wanted to talk to the manager and probably the mayor and then the president of the United States.

We went back to the Falls and it was clearer. We wanted to take the kids on a cable car across the Falls but it was on the Canada side so of course we couldn’t.

We went back to the hotel and Jer, Tae and I decide to go see if the Mall down the street had anything happening in it.  We were able to walk there. Well we got to the door and as hard as it is to believe it was closed.  Now I was ready to call it quits when Jerry looked across from our hotel room and saw a souvenir shop that had its open sign on.  We got so excited til we got to the door and they were closing the gates cuz they were closing!

I had it I just wanted to get to the hotel go swimming and relaxing! We got up there and we went swimming. The kids went first and I came down later. Something was wrong with the pool, it was cloudy and so I went in for a few seconds and then went to the not working hot tub and sat in hot water! Yahoo what a treat.  We had to make the best of a bad situation and I think all of us were doing that!

Then when Jerry went to check out we found out that for every local call we made to see what was opened we were charged one dollar.  We had to pay an extra 17 dollars just for the phone calls.

I decided to call Beth and have her look on the web site of the Splash Lagoon cuz that was where we were going the next day.  Beth called me back and said she had to call them because it said under construction Tuesday and Wednesday and we were going to be there Wednesday.  She found they were opening up Wednesday morning at 10 am so things seemed to be looking up for us!

We had a decent time at the Splash Lagoon, but I think we were all tired. We stayed one night there got up had a complimentary breakfast at the hotel, then went back to the Splash Lagoon which was connected to the hotel. We checked out of the hotel before we went into the lagoon, but to tell you the truth I needed some alone time.  I went into the lazy river and then into the adult hot tub then told the kids I was going to the van to relax! I went and got food went to the van and watched a movie on Jerry’s DVD Player. I was relaxed that’s for sure.

While everybody was in the Splash Lagoon they decide to go to the arcade and somehow Jom got a long scratch on his arm and Susie ended up with an ear infection which made her so miserable. Of course she didn’t show it but we knew that she was hurting!

Before we left the Splash Lagoon we went to play laser tag.  Something I never did but was excited to do.  We had 5 of us then a man was there with his 2 kids so we played 4 against 4.  Well in the time we were there the little boy decided to do my toe in and I left the laser tag with a broken toe.  I had enough.  I just wanted to go home, and I think the kids and jerry and susie felt the same way.

I told Jerry on the way home I need something besides the fast foods so we decided that a Fazolis would be ok, so we got off that exit and lo and behold the Fazolis just closed minutes before we got there so we ended up eating at Hardees, which was ok.

We got home to Jerry’s and all of us went to sleep almost immediately.

I got up to go home after washing my clothes. I got home and was carrying my suitcase up the stairs when I dropped it on my big toe next to the one I broke. Now I don’t know if its broke or not but I will tell you this much, it sure is sore and sure is blue!

So now I get into my souvenirs which were very few since I couldn’t find anything open. A few were double wrapped but I guess when I dropped the suitcase they broke!

I woke up this morning to check my checking account out and guess what? They took my car payment out 2 times! They informed me I had to get a hold of my car dealer and they would get it straight but I cant do that til Monday. Oh Man I can’t wait to get back to work so I can enjoy my vacation being over!

Just remember who loves you Me and Jesus!

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