wicked_wicked_wickedOnce upon a time there was a wonderful, sweet, kind lady by the name of Bonnie.

Bonnie had three very wicked sisters by the name of Darlene, Cookie, and Annie.

Now at one time these four sisters would bond, but than the wicked witch, that goes by the name of “Bingo”, got a hold of the three sisters Dar, Cookie, and Annie.

Bingo turned them into very wicked sisters. They became Bingo Freaks!! The three wicked sisters no longer bonded with the wonderful, sweet, kind Bonnie. Bonnie was so lonely without her sisters. She loved them very much until the witch, by the name of BINGO got a hold of them.

Bonnie still tried to bond. The sisters got tired of her trying to bond and sent her away to THE HOUSE of BIRDS where she was never heard from again.