wicked_wicked_wickedAs you remember, in the last chapter, the wicked sisters sent Bonnie, the sweet, wonderful, precious sister to THE HOUSE of BIRDS, where they thought she would never be heard from again. 

Unbeknownst to the wicked sisters, the wonderful, sweet, precious Bonnie made friends with the birds, and taught them how to talk, read, spell, and count.

She left the house of birds with a promise to yell if she ever needed them. She decided to give her wicked sisters another chance. She called each one of them, so she could show her love, but of course the demon BINGO still had hold of them. They ignored he, called her weird names, and didn’t want to bond.

Bonnie was so upset, when she asked how the kids were doing and found out that the wicked sisters had renamed their children!!

Dar had B5 and O69, Cookie had I19, G47, and O67, Annie had B1,B2 and B3. Annie use to have 4 kids, but sold the youngest so she could play more bingo! It was a disaster!!

What was the Sweet, wonderful, precious Bonnie to do?

Woe is me! Woe is me!!!!!

Stay in touch for Part 3 of “Wicked, Wicked, Wicked” to find out what happens.