wicked_wicked_wickedAs the sweet wonderful precious Bonnie was not one to give up on her wicked sisters Annie, Dar and Cookie she decided to put a plan in the works.

She knew that if she could somehow get the wicked sisters away from the demon “BINGO” their relationship with her would be wonderful. She tried to get their kids to help her but all the kids knew was how to yell “Bingo” since they were brainwashed by their wicked parents, and the Demon “BINGO”.

She knew her wicked sisters were getting worse.

The wicked Annie invited the sweet wonderful Bonnie to her home for dinner. When she got there the two wicked sisters trapped her and tied her up as they ate the pizza and than made her watch as they finished there bingo game and let the wicked dog Shadow, eat the rest of the pizza.

The sweet wonderful precious Bonnie couldn’t believe it. How could these sisters be so cruel? She finally yelled so loud that the birds from the House of Birds heard her and came and rescued her. They set the wonderful precious Bonnie lose and took her back to their home.

Bonnie was so distraught.. She decided this Bingo was stronger than even she thought it was. She needed help!! She wanted her sweet sisters back.. These wicked sisters were destroying everything around them because of Bingo.

What will she do? Will she be able to save her family from the Demon BINGO? Will she ever be able to bond with her wicked sisters Dar, Cookie and Annie?

The plan is in the making.

Stay tune for part 4 of wicked wicked wicked..

Will that be the last chapter??