wicked_wicked_wickedAs  soon as the birds released the sweet wonderful precious Bonnie, they took her back to their normal home.  The sweet wonderful precious Bonnie was in a state of shock!!

She tried to contact some of the wicked sisters friends but they too had their own little vices, and couldn’t be bothered.

The birds were beyond themselves. They  couldn’t stand to see the sweet wonderful precious Bonnie in such a state. She couldn’t eat, developed an ulcer from these wicked sisters, and even got pleurisy from being tied up at the wicked Annie’s house. They had enough!! It was time for them to react!!

The four birds began a plan against the wicked sisters Dar, Annie, and Cookie. See these were not normal birds, after all they did belong to the sweet wonderful precious Bonnie, how could they be normal birds!!

They knew that time was short and if ever they were going to have their sweet wonderful precious Bonnie back, they would have to get the three wicked sisters Dar, Annie, and Cookie away from the Demon “BINGO”!!!

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Will the Birds help the sweet, wonderful, precious Bonnie?

Will they save the wicked sisters Dar, Annie, and Cookie from the Demon BINGO?

You will be surprised in the next chapter of:  Wicked Wicked Wicked