wicked_wicked_wickedIn the last chapters the birds were trying to bring the sweet, precious, wonderful Bonnie out of her depressed state, that was brought on by her wicked sisters Annie, Cookie, and Darlene’s obsession for the Demon game called BINGO. All of the sweet wonderful precious Bonnie’s efforts were done for nothing. The wicked sisters would not pay attention to the sweet wonderful precious Bonnie.

The birds finally took over!! They made the wicked sisters lose every game they played. They even made the wicked sisters friends lose at the demon game called Bingo..

The more the wicked sisters, Dar, Annie and Cookie lost the more frustrated they became. They started playing Bingo less and less. They had more time on there hands and they started reminiscing. They thought of the good times they had, the fun times they had, the happy times they had. They thought they could get those good times back but the wicked sisters knew something was missing..  What could it be? Why couldn’t they laugh like they use to? Why couldn’t they have fun like they use too?

Finally they realized who the fun person was in the group!! It was the wonderful sweet precious Bonnie!!

At the exact moment the thought went through their minds, the sweet wonderful precious Bonnie was waking up. She had a good feeling about this day! She looked around to see her three, use to be wicked, sisters standing by her with tears in their eyes..  She felt her heart beat faster. She couldn’t believe it!! Her wonderful sisters were back! They did love her!! They did need her!! They did miss her!!

As the wonderful sweet precious Bonnie came fully awake she saw what her birds had done. There was money every where. A new television sat in the corner of her room. Computers, stereos, telephones, in every corner, cameras, even a new car was waiting for her. Her bank book stood open and the precious Bonnie couldn’t believe how much money was in her account.

Now I know you were hoping for a, the family lived happily ever after story, but that’s not what happened.. The sweet wonderful precious Bonnie decided that since she did this long without her sisters, and she had more money then she ever had, and why share it with three sisters that wouldn’t give her the time of day when they were winning at the Demon game Bingo. She had nothing to do with those sisters but instead bought three more sisters that looked like her wicked sisters, Dar, Annie, and Cookie.

Her new sisters were so grateful to the precious sweet wonderful Bonnie, that every day they tell her how sweet she is, how wonderful she is, and how precious she is.

The other 3 wicked sisters went back where they came from and were given new names. These names cannot be revealed, to protect the innocent, but I’m sure they are living like they want to in their own little world!!

This is the end of Wicked Wicked Wicked. But check back. “The LIFE AND TIMES OF A BARTENDER” is almost ready to be put on my web site.. The good times, the funny times, the sad times, the pranks, so many things are going to be written. Stay tuned it could be interesting!!